Why We Exist

We aspire to be thought leading corporate culture advocates that not only help shape goals for companies interested in being a force for good, but also, provide bonafide funding and tools to help them accomplish those goals.

Our Ethos

Imagination The child-like spark of inspiration that breaks down barriers and drives innovation is truly the only thing standing between ordinary and extraordinary.
Generosity Not an obligation, but a privilege where what we receive in life is inherently intertwined with what we give.
Curiosity Unteachable in nature, curiosity leaves us no choice but to learn, adapt, grow, and pursue a better version of ourselves.
Integrity While honesty may be the most familiar aspect of integrity, pureness of intentions might be the most important.
Competency Knowledge is even more powerful when combined with experience and a passion for leadership and innovation.
Accountability In our professional lives, outcomes must matter more than effort.


Gina Manis-Anderson

Founder & CEO
Savii Group & The Purpose Accelerator

Gina Manis-Anderson is a Purposeprenuer in service to companies who want to use their business as a force for good. As a trusted business advisor and Resultant, Gina created Savii Group to be a catalyst for C-Suite executives by sourcing, deploying and project managing the best Subject Matter Expense Experts to eliminate wasteful corporate spending. Gina’s passion for conscious capitalism, philanthropy, corporate social responsibility, sustainability, company culture, storytelling and employee engagement has created a one of a kind business model for finding wasteful spending to fund CapEx and other programs that drive purpose, enterprise value, sustainability, accelerated profits, employee engagement and improved work culture. Gina also recently launched a Savii video production team for companies to amplify their purpose by sharing stories of doing well by doing good.

Over her career, Gina has worked with companies like Ulta Beauty, Sony, Honda, Quiksilver, Melaleuca, Genesis Healthcare Partners and LL.Bean among others, saving her client’s millions of dollars while also satisfying her personal passion for helping them make a difference in the world, by using their business as a force for good.

C. Rich Wilson

Chief Operating Officer

Rich has spent his entire career involved with early-stage to maturity-stage ventures in the information technology, media & entertainment, and professional services industries. He has held several c-level roles in small to mid-sized companies leading capital formation, brand & product development, corporate/business development, and demand generation marketing where there is a often a critical need for accelerating growth through a combination of leadership, technical, and creative skills.

From 2010 to 2013, Rich served as CEO of a systems integrator in Silicon Valley where he led a complete business model change, a corporate rebrand, and grew revenue from $19m to $43m serving fortune 50 companies like Apple, Cisco, and HP in just over two years leading to a private sale at 8x paid in capital.

In entertainment, Rich produced 4 documentary feature films with budgets ranging from $1m to $3m, whose aggregate gross receipts worldwide have exceeded $30m after being sold to Lions Gate, IFC Films, SONY, and other domestic and foreign distributors.

It is the intersection of creativity and technology, that Rich seems to thrive; driven by the passion for accelerating growth through the use of technology and innovative business models in a creative way to solve unique business challenges.

Most recently, Rich has been inspired in his own life and in his work with Savii Group to define and pursue a higher sense of purpose through conscientious initiatives aimed at doing social good.

Blake Grey

Business Strategist

Blake is a business strategist with global expertise in Marketing, communications, client relations and strategy to solve real business challenges.

Blake brings unique skills and expertise to Savii Group’s clients with 25 years of marketing, business growth and development, working for large, Fortune 500 companies. She has led teams of employees including agency personnel, as well as counsel and advisory to the C-Suite.

She drives process and project initiatives to completion delivering on time performance at the highest ROI. Her focus is on customer relationship-building including approaches that motivate, cultivate and ensure client satisfaction.
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