What Is the Latest Freight Rate Increase Costing You?

If you’re paying attention to shipping news, you know that once again LTL freight rates have increased.  UPS implemented a general rate increase (GRI) of 5.9 percent on July 16, following a 6.9% increase on July 9 by YRC Freight, FedEx Freight, and Con-way Freight, and 6.9% increase by on June 25 by ABF. It’s crucial to factor those increases into your projected freight costs to keep them from eating into your profits.

Unfortunately, that’s easier said than done.  Most companies don’t make useful projections because they lack the time and expertise to accurately assess how the rates will affect them.

A third party shipping consultant can do an independent study to show you exactly what the increase will mean to your  bottom line. They will take a detailed sampling at the package level, re-rate each package against the carrier’s published increases, and provide you with an accurate and usable assessment of the increase you will see.  What’s more, these experts have the tools and expertise to examine the details of your contract and help you make sure you are getting the best rates possible for your business, doing a  carrier comparison to see if there are better options for you with another freight provider. And in most cases, the price of this expert advice will come out of the savings you reap, so you won’t pay anything for it.

So if an expert shipping consultant can do the job better, faster, and for free—why is your company still trying to handle shipping contracts alone? Contact us today for a free impact assessment to see what the latest freight rate increase is costing you.