True Leadership in the 21st Century: Three steps to Profits, Passion and a Greater Purpose

How can companies thrive and flourish without cutting costs or downsizing? There is a growing trend towards Corporate Social Responsibility, which suggests that doing what is right for the world is also what is right for business.  It takes three steps to achieve a level of sustainability where profits are driven by passion and purpose:

Give, Grow, Gain

  1. What can you Give to help others improve?
  2. Grow your organization through innovation not exploitation.
  3. Gain distinguishable value and a competitive advantage.

With this as a guiding philosophy, customers and profits will follow.  This is true leadership in the 21st Century.

With this basic approach, your organization can capitalize on innovation and forward thinking and go from good to great. By integrating Give, Gain, Grow into your corporate values, you will see the outpouring of benefits through your satisfied employees, vendors, distributors and customers.  It will become crystal clear that having a greater purpose driving your objectives enhances your brand image, creates intrinsic corporate value and establishes sustainable profits.

Our nation’s economic future depends on companies shifting their corporate paradigm by transforming their leadership into “socially strategic thinkers.” The rewards produced will go beyond happy customers and better profits to a better world for us all.