NPO’s, Your Wish is Granted: Easy Grant Management Solutions

Do you wish the grant process were easier? If your non-profit organization is managing more than three grants, grant management software may be the way to make that wish come true.  Grant management systems automate management of current grants,  as well as streamlining budgeting, reporting and  forecasting for new grant opportunities. Grant management software can free up your staff, eliminate frantic data-gathering, and ensure that you don’t miss a grant opportunity because you didn’t have the data ready to submit in a timely manner.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have the numbers you need at your fingertips without analyzing spreadsheets and sifting through invoices?  Instead of scrambling just to renew your current grants, you can move ahead with new grant opportunities because the numbers will be easy to find and submit.  Plus, you’ll have an advantage over other organizations competing for those grants, because your data will be complete, easy to read, and submitted before the deadline.

In the current climate of scrambling for every dollar, and then stretching those funds farther than you thought possible, grant management software is an investment that will pay for itself in more than one way.  The relationship with your current grantors will benefit from the efficiency which you can now answer any of their requests without delays.   Matching eligible funds will no longer be able to slip under the radar, so you’ll always maximize a grant’s potential.  And your staff will spend less time tracking down requested data and crunching numbers, giving them more time to find new grant opportunities. Like the fundraising software solutions that so many NPO’s have embraced, grant management solutions deliver what they promise.

There are many grant management systems to choose from, so make sure you find the one that is the best fit for your NPO.  The  Grant Professionals Association ( provides endorsements of software products based on objective, reasonable criteria.  You can also check out, a site that will help you identify your NPO’s needs and identify the technology that will meet them.