Karen Henken

SaviiGroup Ambassador

karen-henken photo Karen Henken brings 30 years of sales, marketing and business development experience to her role with Savii Group and ‘PinPoint Find it. Share it.’ program. Karen has worked with a wide range of companies from start ups to Fortune 500 companies, developing and implementing marketing and sales strategies, building management teams around the globe, and launching companies successfully in many new markets and industries both in the US and internationally. Her work with these organizations has resulted in hundreds of millions of dollars of new revenue. Karen is also deeply committed to fostering social innovation and social impact through the power of collaboration with business and the social sector. She believes in the role and capacity of business to drive social good across sectors and is working with a range of organizations to foster these changes. As adjunct faculty at University of San Diego she teaches courses on business and social innovation. She serves on boards of several nonprofits fostering regional partnerships and social impact programs both locally and globally. Karen has an MBA from Stanford Graduate School of Business and a B. A. from Bowdoin College. She received a Fulbright Teaching Fellowship in Japan and a Rotary Graduate Fellowship for studies in Tokyo. She also speaks fluent Spanish and Japanese.