If It Is Impossible to Be Too Rich or Too Thin, Can You Be Too Lean?

According to an article by Kate Linebaugh in today’s Wall Street Journal, many manufacturers are spending even more on restructuring to trim costs and streamline operations.  Danaher Corp. is doubling its restructuring budget to $100 million for the fourth quarter, United Technologies is planning on spending $300 million this year for restructuring, and Honeywell International is spending $300 million of gains from divestiture on their restructuring efforts.  While this may seem the prudent move that the companies’ executives believe it is, some analysts fear it may further alarm the already high-strung market and damage the economic recovery.  How can you be sure your own cost-cutting measures aren’t doing more harm than good?

As American corporations look for further ways to get more out of their already lean operations, many are turning to experts such as Savii Group. Our experts can find ways to cut costs in areas where the company’s spend management team doesn’t have the financial acuity and industry data to maximize the value of every dollar spent.  Savii Group’s network of Subject Matter Experts’ wealth of information and expertise from outside your four walls provides you with comprehensive analysis, planning and action, so that you can make sure you are cutting expenses without harming future profits.

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