Have You Found Your Secret Sauce?

Too many companies try to increase profits purely by limiting operating costs. While it is clearly smart to cut costs where possible, some cuts result in nothing more than a short term gain.  The challenge is to find innovative ways to increase the value of their brand, improve their employee morale and expand their social responsibility, all of which will ultimately drive up profits. Google, Zappos, Nike and others see the value of creative strategic initiates, and they are thriving because they have found their “secret sauce.”

Often companies miss the opportunity of finding their secret sauce because they don’t see the value in considering new and creative solutions.  Bogged down by the daily demands of surviving, they feel they have neither time nor resources to pursue more innovative ways of doing business. But it’s well worth both.

Find your secret sauce by mixing three ingredients into your current business plan:

By reclaiming your precious capital and reinvesting it in your human and social capital, you have just found your recipe for the secret sauce that will allow your company to flourish!