Can you guarantee we will save money?
Yes. We save money for all our clients. Our Customer Savings Assessment always finds money and if we don’t you pay us nothing. We either provide savings or validation so it’s a win-win and no downside to you or your operations.

Why can’t I just do it myself?
Although you could have your staff try to duplicate our model, the commitment to data mining, tariff analyzing, forensic auditing, optimization analysis and vendor price data-basing our experts offer you is our unique value. For every dollar you might save on your own in the next three years (assuming you had the free time and expertise) on average we find 3-10x of that.

What do you need from us?
We need access to your G/L, invoices and vendor contracts. We only ask that you give us a little of your time and help us understand your procurement practices. When we identify savings, we ask for a little more of your time to share our results and collaborate on next steps. YOU are always in the driver’s seat making the decisions and we facilitate the rest.

Is our data kept confidential?
Savii Group and its experts keep all client information in strict confidence. We will sign a confidentiality agreement to this effect.

Our vendor relationships are very important to us
– We understand the value of a great partner and treat all vendors with professional respect combined with knowledge of their pricing, including the pricing they offer your competition. Our savings report will show you where attractive pricing is achievable with your current vendors and with other leading vendors. We also enhance your vendor relationships by supplying better data, analytics and optimization creating a win-win partnership.

How do I track vendor compliance and cost savings based on my new agreements?
Savii Group’s experts monitor all supplier invoices after the rate reductions go into place and invoice for their share of the savings. Custom reporting is available to makes cost reduction tracking transparent, sustainable and verifiable.

What happens If you can’t find any savings?
If this happens, we would give you a brief report, but no invoice. No savings, no fee. To date, we have always found savings. If no savings are found, you will still receive value as we validate your current spend efficiency and certify the results.

Who does the expense reduction analysis?
This is the most important question asked. Where most consulting firms who do expense consulting rely on procurement generalists to review your expenses and processes, We ONLY use industry specific experts. Each expense category has a SME who previously worked for the vendors/suppliers. They bring a deep background in their chosen field of expertise with a tremendous amount of institutional knowledge. This is what makes us a valuable asset for your business.

What if I don't want to change suppliers?
In most cases (90% or more), we suggest you keep your incumbent supplier in place. Through improved processes, procedures and contractual agreements, we can help your company achieve a better overall solution by leveraging best practices and a “sharper pencil”. Understanding a supplier’s pricing and policy tolerances from an insider’s perspective allows for negotiation with transparency, knowledge and strength.

How will this affect my operation?
Our goal from day one is to help, not hinder. As a result, we treat your company, employees and suppliers with the utmost respect and deference. We will work at the pace and direction as dictated by senior management and do our best to wash into your corporate culture. In most cases the changes are minor (if any) in terms of operational procedure, but the outcomes attained are significant. The procedural and time commitments required by your staff are minimal and we remain as unobtrusive as possible throughout the process.

How much savings can I expect to see?
Most of our customers see a 10% – 30% reduction in cost with the average being about 27%. Where our clients find the savings important, they also value the increased service level they receive as a result of our process. Lower cost and a higher level of service and more optimized operations are the baseline goals for our clients. We also find that in many cases the connection with the incumbent supplier is strengthened as transparency and communication is helpful in any partnership.

We're pretty good at sourcing services; why are you better?
This is a fair question. First of all, most companies have a pretty lean workforce, antiquated data and lack the buy side intelligence of the inner workings and pricing practices of their vendors or suppliers. Also, most of the procurement and operations staff wear several hats and are not incentivized to constantly try to validate better pricing and service. To have an industry expert on staff to constantly review your indirect expenses like, CAM charges, office technology, insurance billings, utility or waste management, janitorial, health benefits, etc. would not be cost effective (in most cases). This is where partnering with us as your buyers advocate, coach, and analyst makes better sense. Add in the fact that we work with knowledge of pricing and policy tolerances of the vendors/suppliers, gives you an edge that allows for the optimal result for your company, employees and clients.

How much is this service going to cost?
Our compensation is a pay-on-performance model. If our SME’s do not find any cost savings, you pay nothing.

What % of the savings achieved do we share and for how long?
This varies based on certain criteria such as size and revenue of your company, complexity of the project among other factors. We ensure a fair and equitable savings split will be agreed upon so our clients receive the highest ROI possible.