Business Management Solutions for Technology, Part III

If you’ve realized the importance of investing in a Technology Business Management system for your company, you deserve congratulations. But you aren’t through making decisions: now you need to find the system that is best for you. What do you look for to make sure that the TBM software you choose is worth the investment?

It’s not enough for a TBM system to provide a solution for recouping costs. It must include tools so that business leaders and IT can collaborate using a common language, aligning priorities based on concrete data from cost drivers to benchmarks. It must be a solution specifically designed for IT, not one that is adapted from software originally designed for sales or manufacturing. It should be able to provide specific data for each IT role, including IT finance, IT operations, and IT and business leaders, so that each arm of the IT operation can react in the way that is most effective for them. Further, the best TBM solution includes benchmark data to guide internal costing and performance measurement, using best practices of industry leading customers and solution experts.
What else do you look for? Make sure that the TBM system you invest in for your organization works to complements investments you’ve already made. And finally, the system must allow for growth as your processes evolve, continuing to increase the value of your investment.

If you are worried that your company doesn’t have enough data to make TBM software work, rest assured that a good system will work with whatever data you have, and allow you to make gradual investments and process improvements, realizing significant cost and productivity benefits from the start.