Business Management Solutions for Technology, Part II

If you’ve read the last post on Technology Business Management, you may be wondering what concrete benefits you can expect to see when you adopt TBM solutions for your company. The benefits fall into two categories: reducing costs and improving performance. With a fully functioning TBM process, IT organizations will, according to TBM solutions provider Apptio:
• Gain visibility into the TCO of IT services and the overall cost structure of IT
• Create a process for reducing cost of operations 10%-15% annually
• Make effective decisions on the use of cloud and other third party IT services and track the ROI
• Empower the Lines of Business to more effectively partner with IT
• Increase the utilization of fixed assets to drive up return on assets
• Drive an efficient budgeting process that tracks actuals in real-time
• Establish a culture of financial accountability across IT
TBM solutions can clearly increase the efficiency and profitability of your business—isn’t it time for you to treat IT as well as you treat the rest of your company?