Are your 401K providers telling you everything?

The ever-changing regulatory environment now demands that every 401K participant was to receive an initial fee disclosure report from providers by Aug 30, 2012. Did you get the correct disclosure statements?

CEO’s, CFO’s, business owners and plan sponsors need to know how to minimize costs and to maximize the effectiveness of each plan, all while creating ease of use for themselves and their participants.  Retirement plan providers have been overcharging investors for decades! Use these three tips to get Savii:  mitigate risk, avoid confusion and stop unnecessary expenses.

Don’t let this new regulation add more confusion or surprises.  Get informed!

Here are the top 3 things business leaders need to know…

  • Understanding your fee disclosure statements and making sure you are receiving the correct information.
  • Understanding your increased fiduciary responsibility for your plan.
  • Why you need to benchmark your plan for fees.

For more information, or help to make this happen for your business, contact Savii Group today.