"We keep moving forward,
opening new doors,
and doing new things
because we're curious
and curiosity keeps leading
us down new paths."

Walt Disney


We appreciate YOU checking us out and applaud your CURIOSITY!

We are opening new doors and doing new things, that led us down a new path, to launch an innovative program called PinPoint Find It. Share It.

Our program will increase your ENTERPRISE VALUE and SUSTAINABLY fund investing in your PEOPLE, CULTURE and SOCIAL GOOD using "FOUND" money. We don't stop there, we SHARE a portion of our pay on performance revenue with a charity of your choice and INSPIRE YOU to share YOUR story.


Have Questions?

Contact us and we'll happily show you how the program works, what our clients say and how much money we typically find to help you move forward, down a new path, that will open new doors, enabling you to do new things, that will create a thriving and happy organization.

Gina Manis-Anderson
(310) 422-8364