What If…

purple-orbitals What if the key to increasing profits is found in making a greater positive difference in the world?
green-orbital What if re-investing in your employees, adopting sustainable business practices, or engaging more closely with the communities you operate in dramatically increased your enterprise value?
blue-orbital What if the resources you needed to make a greater positive difference in the world, you already had at your disposal?

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Why It Matters

Indirect expense impacts as much as 30% of revenue for corporations in the US. Managing supplier costs is ever hanging and internal allocation of supplier expenses is highly fragmented, requiring constant monitoring. Often, even with focused effort, corporations are unable to capture all the lost profits impacting their bottom line. SMART Spending™ requires deep expertise and understanding of the suppliers costs in order to find hidden savings. Research shows a majority of corporations could be more profitable with the help of expense management experts, who bring an advantage to the buyer’s negotiation table.

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PinPoint™ Success Stories

Non-profit Success Stories

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“I am proud to have been part of the amazing growth and success of ULTA and I am sure that Savii Group and their SME will continue to be a part of ULTA’s growth as they open new DC’s and optimize the network. It was a pleasure working with both you on the important initiatives and projects.”
– Teresa Cortez, Dir. Transportation Services, ULTA Beauty Supply
“RJ Kelly and Gina Anderson have been a major help in improving our supply purchasing…and more importantly, significant savings compared to our previous contracts…”
– Edward S. Cohen, CEO, Genesis Healthcare Partners

Strategic Expense Management

It’s Not About Beating Up Vendors or Cutting Jobs
Our SME’s Bring Decades of Experience to Your Side of the Table.
SAVII GROUP sources, deploys, and manages a team of elite Subject Matter Experts specifically organized to alleviate the pressures corporate executives face to increase profits and enterprise value. As buyers advocates, we bring buy-side intelligence to the negotiating table on your behalf and typically find 10-30% in expense savings across more than 100 expense categories.

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We Are RESULTANTS™ Not Consultants
We find cost savings opportunities and supplier optimization beyond the low hanging fruit that most organizations have already identified. In fact, we are so confident we can help you; we offer a no risk, no cost Expense Assessment. If no savings are found you don’t pay us.

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Working Smarter

The infographics below illustrate the tremendous impact efficiency has on the bottom line and the replacement cost via top line revenue growth – and the sales requirement to achieve the same revenue equivalent.
Sometimes its the things you choose NOT to do that end up costing you the most money.
Found Money versus Revenue Equivalent
The found money on the left infographic column (in teal) equates to the revenue equivalent to achieve the same result on the right side (at an average net margin of 7%).
Lower Net Margin Results in Greater Impact
Companies with lower net margins pay a considerably higher price for inefficiency as indicated by the inverse relationship between net margin and revenue equivalent.

Powered by Purpose

What is the 10X
Powered by Purpose

The Accelerator fuels the passion of business leaders and their commitment to building a more conscious, purpose-driven company. We validate their stewardship of precious corporate resources, track the impact of efforts to use their business as a force for good, and promote those efforts to maximize recognition and exposure.

Nominated and qualified business leaders will participate in a Cost Savings Assessment to validate and certify as being good stewards of the companies’ profits and operational efficiencies.

Our clients add 23% on average straight to the bottom line

These certified leaders receive reports measuring impact, ROI, and receive broad recognition for themselves, their people, and their company among industry peers and trade media.

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What If…
The key to increasing profits is found in making a greater positive difference in the world?
A more purposeful investment in your employees, sustainable business practices, and your community dramatically increases your enterprise value?
You had the financial resources you need to be more efficient, grow your company, and use your business as a force for good?

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Purpose Equals Profits

Companies fueled by purpose and passion that align with stakeholders and customers are called “Firms of Endearment,” according to authors Sisodia, Sheth, and Wolfe of a book by the same name. In their study spanning 15 years comparing
hundreds of public and private companies, they found overwhelming evidence that companies with purpose outperform even standard-bearing icons whose only purpose was profit.

image of a gear with a suit inside
66% OF CONSUMERS say their perception of the CEO affects their opinion of a COMPANY’S REPUTATION.
6 OF 10 PEOPLE will pay more for products and services for a COMPANY WITH GOOD VALUES.

About Us

Gina Manis-Anderson

Founder, CEO Savii Group Co-Founder of Pinpoint Find It, Share It
Gina Manis-Anderson started Savii Group to help non-profit organizations and their for profit partners reclaim precious capital and increase their competitive advantage. Pairing a passion for enhancing corporate social responsibility programs and a background in cost containment, she offers a model for expanding corporate donor programs that will motivate your people, accelerate your profits, and promote the causes you believe in.
In her over 20 years of experience helping companies impact their bottom line, Gina has proven herself to be an invaluable asset to companies who need smart spending solutions. Working with Fortune 100-1000 companies such as Sony, Honda and Quiksilver, her talent for building relationships has enhanced her ability to provide clients with savings of millions of dollars.

Trusted, Experienced Corporate Culture Advocate

“One thorn of experience is worth a wilderness of warning.” – James Lowell
Creating Bold and Meaningful Experiences
We help you create, connect, facilitate, and host experiences with our industry experts covering a vast array of topics centered around building purposeful organizations. Customize your next event with a meaningful, thought provoking and creative experience that’s unique, interactive, inspiring and leaves you connected to something greater than yourself.
Driving Business Success
Gina Manis-Anderson C-Suite Advocate, Trusted Advisor, Project Manager and Resultant Disciplined project management is one of the most effective ways to remain competitive and innovative in an increasingly global economy. For all of our offerings, Project Management is a vital ingredient that ensures high-quality and timely outcomes.

About Us

We aspire to be thought leading corporate culture advocates that not only help shape goals for companies interested in being a force for good, but also, provide bonafide funding and tools to help them accomplish those goals.

Our Ethos

Imagination The child-like spark of inspiration that breaks down barriers and drives innovation is truly the only thing standing between ordinary and extraordinary.
Generosity Not an obligation, but a privilege where what we receive in life is inherently intertwined with what we give.
Curiosity Unteachable in nature, curiosity leaves us no choice but to learn, adapt, grow, and pursue a better version of ourselves.
Integrity While honesty may be the most familiar aspect of integrity, pureness of intentions might be the most important.
Competency Knowledge is even more powerful when combined with experience and a passion for leadership and innovation.
Accountability In our professional lives, outcomes must matter more than effort.
Gina Manis-Anderson
Founder, CEO Savii Group Co-Founder of Pinpoint Find It, Share It Gina Manis-Anderson founded Savii Group in 2010 to help organizations become increasingly conscious of their expenses while also reinvesting in their human and social… Read More
C. Rich Wilson
Chief Strategy Officer Rich has spent his entire career involved with early-stage to maturity-stage ventures in the information technology, media & entertainment, and professional services industries. He has held several c-level roles in small to mid-sized companies leading capital formation, brand & product development… Read More
Karen Henken
Pinpoint Find It, Share It Advisor Karen Henken brings 30 years of sales, marketing and business development experience to her role with Savii Group and ‘PinPoint Find it. Share it.’ program. Karen has worked with a wide range of companies from start ups to Fortune 500 companies, devel-… Read More
Ed Sternagle
Pinpoint Find It, Share It Advisor Ed Sternagle provides business management consulting services to small companies on a contract basis. Pursuing his passion to “help small companies grow”, Ed Sternagle stresses practical, strategic approaches to optimize day-to-day business manage-… Read More
Wes Armstrong
Ambassador of Pinpoint Find It, Share It Wes Armstrong brings extensive experience in multiple disciplines, including product marketing, business development, business strategy, organizational development, information technology and strategic partnerships; and is a seasoned leader… Read More
Leora Lang
Ambassador of Pinpoint Find It, Share It Leora Langs brings to Savii Group a history of success in implementing fresh, creative sales and marketing programs targeting both business and consumers in a variety of markets and distribution channels. She has sold both products and marketing…. Read More
Christine Halverson
Ambassador of Pinpoint Find It, Share It As a PinPoint, Find It, Share It Ambassador, Christine brings a wealth of nearly 20 years of client services, marketing, and business development to the Savii Group team. Most of her career has been spent understanding and serving the needs to top tier clients… Read More

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